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About Conference (2015)

Autism Research Institute (USA); Autism Challenge Center, Russia;  Medical Research Centre “Immunculus”; MIA “Russia Today” Press Center; Moscow Showrooms organization; School №1465 after adm. Kuznetsov, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES).


Dear colleagues!

III International Research and Practical Conference “Autism. Challenges and Solutions” will be held in Moscow on May 21 - 23, 2015 and will address a broad set of issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

This is the only conference in Russia of such a scale, bringing together the world leading specialists on autism, the most challenging “epidemic” of modern times. Among the speakers is Dr. Paul Shattock, president of the World Autism Organization, chairman of ESPA (Education and Services for People with Autism, Sunderland, UK) who will share his experience in organization of various communities, settlements and assisted living facilities for people with autism. Dr. Shattock was appointed an Officer of the Order of British Empire for his research and lifelong contributions for people with autism.  Dr. Nagwa Abdel Meguid, Professor of Human Genetics, National Research Centre, Egypt, and a member of the Regional Bio-Ethics Society of UNESCO, will present the latest achievements in genetics and the search for biomarkers for autism. Among the expected participants is Dr. Michael Wigler, professor of Columbia University and a leading researcher of the spontaneous mutations in pediatric disorders, co-author of a major research project on de-novo mutations in autism published by Nature. Participating in the conference for the first time is Dr. Christos Nikopoulos, DPhil in psychology, BCBA-D, a well-known specialist in video modeling, professor at Brunel University London and International Representative at BACB Board of Directors. And a very important featured speaker is Dr. Philip C. Kendall, distinguished professor of psychology at Temple University, Philadelphia, a cognitive-behavioral therapy guru and a prominent specialist in pediatric anxiety.

The conference is organized with the help of the Autism Research Institute. ARI's director Stephen Edelson is co-chair of the conference organizing committee along with the well-known Russian scientist professor Alexander Poletaev. Conference program covers the very latest and relevant topics in autism research across the world.

This year program will focus on complementary education for children with autism and supportive developmental methods as well as non-medical help. Speakers in this section include Dr. Lucy Bolger, certified music therapist from Australia, now working at Action for Autism National Centre in India. David Geslak, certified Health Fitness Specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine, will present on physical therapy and fitness for autism, and will later hold a workshop. Alex Doman, Advanced Brain Technologies founder and CEO, will report on the role for auditory interventions and sound therapy for autism.

The conference also includes a clinical seminar for medical professionals, which will be lead by Dr. Cem Kinaci, MD, research specialist in Nuclear Medicine (MRI and SPECT brain scans and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in neurology and psychiatry; senior physician at Nuclear Medicine Departments of Universal Camlica Hospital and Universal Italian Givanni Alberto Agnelli Hospital, a member of the Autism Treatment Plus (AT+), UK.  Dr. Kinaci is certified by American College for Advancement in Medicine for HBOT in neurological conditions. He has consulted on autism and other brain injuries (epilepsy, cerebral palsy, CO poisoning, trauma) in more than 50 countries.

Extra Schedule Program will feature a marathon master class organized by Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis’ Department of Applied Behavioral Analysis and the Autism Challenge Center. Hands-on session on ABA therapy by  Dr. Jill M. Young, Doctor of psychology, behavioral consultant, adjunct professor of Psychology at California State University, Sacramento, USA will be held on May 19 and 20. David Geslak's workshop on physical exercise for autistic children will be conducted on May 24.

Presentation of the 3rd International Research and Practical Conference "Autism. Challenges and Solutions"



Venues: May 21 - 22: MIA “Russia Today” Press Centre, 4, Zubosvsky blvd., Moscow

  May 23:  MSSES, 82, building 2, Vernadsky prosp., Moscow


Conference registration: https://cpa.timepad.ru/event/195540/

Registration fee 2100 roubles


Organizing committee representative: Ekaterina Peterson

Phone: +79031680021; e-mail: conf@autismchallenge.ru; ekaterina.peterson@gmail.com